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Our approach begins with a preliminary conference (at no charge) at your convenience to determine how we can be of assistance. We then develop an action plan for your venture, based on a comprehensive analysis of your situation, your ultimate objectives and the scope of the project.

Upon approval, we implement the action plan with the sensitivity, knowledge and skills essential for a positive and rewarding outcome. We remain in close contact with you at every step, keeping you fully informed of our progress.

Our most attractive feature and perhaps the most unusual, is that we charge no retainer fees for merger, acquisitions or business sales we provide to our clients. Compensation is exclusively related to performance and tied to a success formula. Hence, from a client’s perspective, this policy means – the client is obligated to pay only upon the successful closing of a transaction.

A long list of completed projects and satisfied clients demonstrates the scope of our success. ICS Butts Financial Group client list includes a diverse mix of closely held businesses and corporations in the fields of manufacturing, industrial service sector, retail, solid waste disposal, transportation, franchising, distribution, delivery systems, printing and graphics, steel fabrication, precast concrete piping, water bottling, beer brewing and the food and beverage industry.

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